Fighting for Our Freedom

I am a Chinese-Filipino who used to live in the ASEAN Union state of the Philippines. Many of us lost friends and families. Now we are here in the front-lines, risking our lives we value so much back in our homeworld. Some say Planet Earth is no more, some say it was blown to pieces. I, my colleagues, love ones who are with me, and new friends I gained in this war, believe otherwise. Earth is still intact, just overrun by the Bane. Earth is still floating in the blackness of space. We believe that one day, the frontlines will be on Earth, retaking what rightfully belong to us.

We are here fighting for our freedom. Freedom not just for ourselves. Freedom not just for our children, but for our homeworld - Planet Earth and the whole human race. For the people who died during the invasion, and for the people who risked their lives in this intergalactic war. We are winning battles, but the war is still to be won.

Together, we live and breath everyday to fight for our Freedom. Our freedom and YOUR freedom. A Freedom that was forcefully taken from us by the Bane, a Freedom given to us by our mere existence in this multiverse. Tomorrow we go to battle again. Then we rest and live an almost normal life for a few days. We survived this long and we will continue to do so, until the Freedom of the Human race and of the whole good Sentient Beings is won. Fighting for our Freedom! This is our new life!!

It's time to go, we are assaulting another Bane camp today.. will write again...

~ Yarso Aisiele, Freedom Fighter

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Bane have taken our cities…our planet…our home. They have slaughtered our families and destroyed nearly everything we hold dear. But all of that changes today, because what they cannot take from you, what they cannot destroy, is your spirit”
- General British

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