Human Racism Against Foreans?

I was asked to bring a message to Lieutenant Seguine in Nidu Dav and I met the local Forean's leader Shaman Rikta. The Forean doesn't want to talk to me for the sole reason that the AFS kicked them out of their home in Foreas Base. What the heck is going on here? AFS said the Foreans are members of the Allied Free Sentients, but we kicked them out to build our big base in Concordia Divide?

Sincerest apologies Shaman Rikta.. though I do not agree with what the Human leaders of AFS did, I believe it was to establish the AFS solidly to counter the Bane. IF a chance will be given, I will make sure to raise this incident and fight for equality among all Sentients part of the AFS.

~ Yarso Aisiele

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  1. Your sentiments are not lost on command. It seems that there are multiple factions in the AFS. You and I are not alone. I also feel the Foreans have been treated poorly. It is up to those of us on the front lines to make amends for our colleagues and and to improve the overall morale of our allies. I hear the Brann are getting a bad rap as well. Of course there was something about their world, Areiki, being a Penal Colony? That ought to make our next transfer that much more interesting. Keep the Faith, and Good Hunting!!!
    - Gaius Mandalore, Pegasus Regiment

Bane have taken our cities…our planet…our home. They have slaughtered our families and destroyed nearly everything we hold dear. But all of that changes today, because what they cannot take from you, what they cannot destroy, is your spirit”
- General British

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