The Assault to Stop Forean Machina Production

We assaulted the Bane Pravus Research Facility in Foreas yesterday. This research facility is rumoured to be the place where the Bane mass produces the Forean Machina. The Machina, pronounced as Ma-ki-na (which is 'Machine' in Filipino) are the organic Foreans who were turned cyborgs by the Bane, designed to kill Humans on-sight. These machinas can only be killed by EMP weapons, disabling their functions (some claims that they can be killed by ordinary weapons but you'll surely waste your clips).

Anyway, the assault was hard as we faced endless machinas in the facility with support from the Bane tasked to protect the facility. Many of the AFS who joined us fell, but most survived as we strategically entered the facility. It was fun for me, being a normal citizen back on Earth and now I experienced how it is to be a member of a squad. It was like being a member of the S.W.A.T. or a special force of the military...

We were successful, our squad leader searched for the fuel cells that will disable the production of the Forean Machinas while we endlessly shoot hundreds of Machinas that are going out of the production machine. We were already using most of our clips when, just in time, the fuelcells were destroyed. In a few seconds, the noise stopped and there are no more machinas going out to kill us. Below is a photo that was taken using a digital camera I was able to bring with me during the evacuation, it isn't much of a high quality, but it works, I do not know if with all our advances, we also created advance daily and pleasure-related gadgets..

We searched the facility afterwards and found a place where the Foreans who were captured are being held, but we can not find any switch to remove the force field, and thus instead reported it to the region commander after returning to the AFS Preparation camp.

While there, tending to our wounds, replenishing our rounds, fixing what requires fixing, I received this communique from the Xenet:

Attention all members of the human race. We will soon be marking the day that forever changed our world for the second time. While we will all remember this day in our own ways, none of us can forget it.

Beginning with this year, the 42nd Improbability Squad is collecting any and all messages and letters that troops may wish to send back home. These messages will be databurst through the cosmos via a radio transmission. Unfortunately we cannot transmit them directly to Earth, as all expedient contact has been lost, and we cannot predict how long it will be before this transmission reaches our home. It will be several decades at the least. But reach it it will.

Certain messages will be nomiated to be read aloud over the transmission while the rest will be embedded within the carrier. All messages and letters we receive will be relayed via this transmission. Therefore we ask that no military information beyond your rank and assignment be included in the message.

Messages and letters are to be sent via Infonet to the 42nd IS, c/o Captain Furster or Lt. Kastelin. ((Please email them to afs-sitrep@gmail.com.))

Good luck troops, and God Speed.

I will take this opportunity that is being offered and you should to. I and many others believe that Earth is still alive and there are Humans there who are keeping the good fight. This is our chance to bring them hope and to tell them of our plight and the situation of this intergalactic war.

Time for rest, it is my off from duty today, I still have to write my letters.

Keep the Good Fight AFS Soldier!

~ Yarso Aisiele

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Bane have taken our cities…our planet…our home. They have slaughtered our families and destroyed nearly everything we hold dear. But all of that changes today, because what they cannot take from you, what they cannot destroy, is your spirit”
- General British

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